Thursday, 23 March 2017

Well....after a rather long break, I'm back.  I had some technical difficulties - but have finally got my act together, and worked them out. I go in to mild panic mode when anything remotely technological goes awol!  I seem to have spent a lot of time updating my Facebook page - but I am now back to blogging as well.  A lot has happened  recently - I have been selling scarves and coats (latest two pictured here) and I have just published an e-book on Amazon - its called  Fibrefrenzi Artweave.  I have so enjoyed writing it - I am now pursuing publishing a paperback edition.  I think I must be getting the writing bug because I am already thinking about my next book!  I continue to be obsessed with the whole process of producing art-to-wear garments from the sheeps fleece  I am so lucky to have such an absorbing interest ......I never seem to tire of it and of course the colour always inspires me and makes my heart sing!  Don't forget to take a look at my website: and you can find me, Alison Crosthwaite on Facebook.  Have a good week!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I can't believe its so long since I last wrote my blog. I seem to spend much more time posting on Facebook....which I must say I find a very enriching experience. I have made contact with so many other textile enthusiasts, and have been fortunate enough to meet quite a lot of people in the flesh!!  I have continued to spin, dye and weave and generally enjoy myself.  Once again, I can clearly see how the seasons affect me.  I am not totally conscious of this, but I'm sure I wouldn't be weaving these colours in the spring!  Winter is indeed fast approaching and I have a squirrel-like stash of dyed fleece to keep me happy during the long, dark days.  Another project in my head is a fact I have actually started to write it - but as yet haven't found out much about publishing, either a hard copy or e-book.  It may be too high a mountain to climb - but I do like a challenge.  I'll keep you posted......

Monday, 26 September 2016

An amazing thing happened this week.  Some of you may remember my love affair with my local swan family....very sadly the cob and three cygnets have recently died.  I was so upset...that I decided to plan and make a coat in memory of them.  So I have been thinking 'swans'.........the other day I did a quick sketch of a flying swan.  Literally 2 minutes later I received a photo on my i phone, sent from a friend, who saw the swan in the sky!!  I couldn't believe that it was exactly what I had just drawn.  It certainly felt like a sign of something and I felt really moved.  I shall continue to plan a woven creation.  In the meantime, I have finished two more scarves and am also busily planning two more workshops which take place later this week. I always look forward to meeting new 'textiley' people....we always get on so well!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Today I finished my first 'for sale'coat.  Although it isn't really my size, I thought I'd model it anyway!!  It has taken many hours but I really have enjoyed the whole process - and learned a lot!  I'm already planning the next one.....eventually I should be expert!  

Monday, 5 September 2016

The blues/greens are going into my new venture.....a coat which I am going to create with the theme of Swan Lake.  This is for various reasons....first of all I am thinking of entering an exhibition called 'Weave and Sound" (I have been playing the Swan Lake music more or less non-stop this weekend!!), secondly I love the 'lake' colours etc. and thirdly,  you may remember seeing various pictures of my lovely swans in a local lake.  Sadly the daddy swan is extremely ill with some sort of poisoning.  I am really upset about this and hope and pray he recovers.  He has been sent to a sanctuary and is on a drip.  So - a tribute to swans, lakes and music. The sketches pictured were painted with a feather...oh, and I forgot to mention that I couldn't resist putting in the photo of my brave cat!   Meanwhile I continue to sell scarves at a crazy rate (none left at the moment, but this one on the loom.)  Last but not least, I have started to sew up the latest jacket.  There is going to be a fitting this week....and hopefully I shall finish it next week.  Watch this space.  Have a good week everybody - feels as though Autumn is creeping in.....

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Im sorry I haven't blogged for weeks.  Yet again I had problems with my phone, but I am now happily settled with a new i-phone - which I love.  I really like the way it takes photos, so fingers crossed.......I should now be back to regular blogging.  Today I have put on a selection of latest weavings plus a couple of inspirational pictures.  I know you have seen my little art hut before, but I couldn't resist showing you yet another view of it.  I have spent lots of hours in it this summer - although some of the days have been too hot!! (very rare in the UK).  I have recently finished weaving another jacket but have yet to make it up.  This is going to be somewhat of a challenge - but I'll do my best.  The woven scarves seem to leap off the loom!! In fact, I seem to sell them before they are even finished.  I'm not complaining gives me such a buzz to know that people like what Im making - and it always motivates me to make more.....This week I am embarking on a year long monthly course called 'Creative Development'. This will be an opportunity for me to indulge myself and push myself further into weave!!!!!! Have a good week.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Here's a selection of summery ongoing weaving...a page from my art journal...dyeing....and summer scenes including yours truly enjoying a fine summer evening.  Having said that, I am at this precise moment sitting inside listening to the rain.  Oh well, good for the flowers!   As you can see, my little art hut is being put to good use....I don't do as many entries in this blog nowadays, I put a lot on to Facebook, so if you're interested to follow my daily musings, just search my name Alison Crosthwaite.  Have a good week x