Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I was asked to make a hat to display at the Open Houses art trail next month....so I went slightly crazy!!  Maybe I should wear it to my son's wedding in September...?? Maybe not!  This week has been brilliant - my dear friend, who lives in Italy has been to stay.  As you can see - we had some fun!  There's nothing like good friends......we have been close for 43 years so have a lot of history.  It now seems really quiet - but maybe I can get on with some weaving!! I showed a jacket in my last post.  It has arrived in USA and the recipient is delighted (so am I!)  It was quite a challenge to make something specific and I was concerned it wouldn't fit, but all is well.  Also, the other big news - my book arrived, and already it has sold well.  I am certainly enjoying this new experience.  Have a good week x


  1. Oh I love the hat Alison, I could see you making a real statement at the wedding with this!! Thanks for showing a photo of the book - can't wait for mine to arrive, all that colour!

    1. I posted your book on Monday - so hopefully it will arrive very soon xx