Friday, 19 May 2017

I have been in a green mood today.....probably because of all the luscious foliage around at this time of year!  At the moment I am working on a pink/blue coat - so to spin greens makes a nice change.   I've had a very busy week and spent quite a lot of time posting my book to various parts of the world.  It has been exciting for me and I am now having to get a re-print!   However I am looking forward to getting back to some actual weaving next week - I really miss time at the loom.  Today I have finally found a good outfit for my son's wedding
 and no, Im not going to wear the hat!! I'll post photos after the event in September! Im now going to play around with various setting for this blog....I can never seem to find a background that I really like - but shall keep on trying!


  1. Beautiful post Alison! Love the results of spinning up greens, perhaps I should grab my spinning wheel out of the shed, unfortunately I am not a dyer and I don't think I could go back to using the natural fleeces now! Your last photograph is a beauty, I could see those in a basket just being admired.
    Looking forward to the book!!

  2. I sent book a week ago - so should be with you very soon x