Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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Its been a glorious week with lots of warmth and sunshine....the weather is looking quite good for our trip to Eurodisney at the end of the week.  Some people think I' m a bit strange liking Disneyland - but I love the fun, magic and other worldliness of the Magic Kingdom....its so refreshing and great to see all the young ones enjoying themselves.  The food is always good too....and Im looking forward to our Buffalo Bill evening!!  Back to the present....well, I finished weaving the main body of the next coat and spent today jiggling things around, and then cutting it out.  I had about one centimetre to spare - I was so pleased to fit the main pieces on to my cloth.  I am limited to how much I can weave - my loom is 32" wide but there is considerable shrinkage after fulling.  As to the length - I am limited to the length of my bedroom ....because of my warping up method.  I suppose I could warp up in the garden !! Now I need to weave the sleeves (after another pre-ordered scarf).  In between my fibre pursuits I have had some lovely dog walks ...........Have a good week - Ill be back after Paris!


  1. Just look at your beautiful bright paintings, and of course your weaving - lovely.
    Who do the Bassett and Beagle belong to??

    1. Basset is my daughter's......beagle staying with us!