Thursday, 30 March 2017

I'm so happy that Spring has feels as though I am coming awake after the long, dark winter.  Today I took the photos of the beautiful flowers near to my home...don't they just make your spirits sing!!  Lots and lots of fresh green everywhere - so I had to include some fresh green fibre.  The green weaving is on the front of my e-book ;   Fibrefrenzi Artweave - available on Amazon books (which I am about to publish in paperback).....sales have been good - so I am super excited!  I have almost finished weaving the main body of another coat - which means I shall shortly be starting another scarf.  I have been weaving non-stop for two and half years now, and love it just as much as when I started.  I think I need to work on my art journal....I have been rather sluggish during the winter months.  I need the sunshine and warmth to inspire my creative must get going.  Although I am always looking for new inspiration, time and time again I come back to flowers.....however next week I'm off to Paris and in May I go to Venice - maybe some good inspiration in the pipeline! Have a good week!


  1. Beautiful colours Alison. I'm glad your book has been a success, it's beautifully presented. Have a great time in Paris and come back full of inspiration.

  2. Inspiring colours - thanks Alison.

  3. Beautiful photos of the Spring blooms Alison, brightens up the wet day here!
    Enjoy your break in Paris!!