Monday, 5 September 2016

The blues/greens are going into my new venture.....a coat which I am going to create with the theme of Swan Lake.  This is for various reasons....first of all I am thinking of entering an exhibition called 'Weave and Sound" (I have been playing the Swan Lake music more or less non-stop this weekend!!), secondly I love the 'lake' colours etc. and thirdly,  you may remember seeing various pictures of my lovely swans in a local lake.  Sadly the daddy swan is extremely ill with some sort of poisoning.  I am really upset about this and hope and pray he recovers.  He has been sent to a sanctuary and is on a drip.  So - a tribute to swans, lakes and music. The sketches pictured were painted with a feather...oh, and I forgot to mention that I couldn't resist putting in the photo of my brave cat!   Meanwhile I continue to sell scarves at a crazy rate (none left at the moment, but this one on the loom.)  Last but not least, I have started to sew up the latest jacket.  There is going to be a fitting this week....and hopefully I shall finish it next week.  Watch this space.  Have a good week everybody - feels as though Autumn is creeping in.....

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