Sunday, 28 August 2016

Im sorry I haven't blogged for weeks.  Yet again I had problems with my phone, but I am now happily settled with a new i-phone - which I love.  I really like the way it takes photos, so fingers crossed.......I should now be back to regular blogging.  Today I have put on a selection of latest weavings plus a couple of inspirational pictures.  I know you have seen my little art hut before, but I couldn't resist showing you yet another view of it.  I have spent lots of hours in it this summer - although some of the days have been too hot!! (very rare in the UK).  I have recently finished weaving another jacket but have yet to make it up.  This is going to be somewhat of a challenge - but I'll do my best.  The woven scarves seem to leap off the loom!! In fact, I seem to sell them before they are even finished.  I'm not complaining gives me such a buzz to know that people like what Im making - and it always motivates me to make more.....This week I am embarking on a year long monthly course called 'Creative Development'. This will be an opportunity for me to indulge myself and push myself further into weave!!!!!! Have a good week.

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  1. Absolutely scrumpcious, you could just eat them! I love that you have inspiration photos from your lovely new phone, too. Looking forward to seeing ho the course inspires you.