Sunday, 22 May 2016

Now that the jacket is finished I have enjoyed playing.......dyeing, making felt, painting, patch working my woven scraps to name but a few.  Also this weekend I have spent a lot of time in our local countryside.  I have put in a couple of pictures of a fabulous farm/tea shop which is sadly closing next week.......this is the end of an era for us but I guess life moves on.  Have a good week everyone x


  1. Thank you very much for showing your pieced fabric, it's opened my eyes up to the way I could use some of my Saori weaving. I've said elsewhere, the jacket is beautiful and looks very easy to wear. I think I need lessons in tailoring :-)

  2. What a beautiful setting for a tea shop, I should be in there like a shot should it be near me! Now just look at the results fox your dyeing - different shades of those rich pinks, the purples and the hint of turquoise, sumptuous!!