Sunday, 15 May 2016

Afternoon tea and cake has to be one of the most delicious pleasures of warmer and sunnier days.......I certainly make the most of it.  I still haven't been able to access my fibrefrenzi.blogspot account to add new pages.  So, for the time being anyway, here is my current blog!!  My latest weaving is now off the loom and any day now I shall pluck up courage and start cutting and stitching  I am trying a looser jacket, with collar this time will tell if it works.  By the way, my website remains the same,  The digital age is wonderful, but oh the pain when there are problems.....!!.  I am now busily preparing for various day workshops in the summer.  Good thing about it is that I energise myself..and try out new things.  I am loving my new blending  board - and have also had fun this week painting on canvas....ready to slash it and stitch it.  Life is never dull....
 The beautiful flower photos were taken yesterday in St. James Park which is adjacent to Buckingham  Palace.  Not bad for the middle of London eh?


  1. Now I am intrigued with your "slash it and stitch it" relating to the painted canvas - jus what exactly does this mean?

    1. when canvas is taken off the frame, it is great for stitching - no frayed edges. I've made great envelopes/folders etc....they can be embellished and are very robust. Makes a good workshop!