Thursday, 10 November 2016

I can't believe its so long since I last wrote my blog. I seem to spend much more time posting on Facebook....which I must say I find a very enriching experience. I have made contact with so many other textile enthusiasts, and have been fortunate enough to meet quite a lot of people in the flesh!!  I have continued to spin, dye and weave and generally enjoy myself.  Once again, I can clearly see how the seasons affect me.  I am not totally conscious of this, but I'm sure I wouldn't be weaving these colours in the spring!  Winter is indeed fast approaching and I have a squirrel-like stash of dyed fleece to keep me happy during the long, dark days.  Another project in my head is a fact I have actually started to write it - but as yet haven't found out much about publishing, either a hard copy or e-book.  It may be too high a mountain to climb - but I do like a challenge.  I'll keep you posted......

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  1. Wonderful colour here Alison. Missed your posting and I keep saying that I should get into Facebook but then chicken out and never get around to it!!
    Keep me up to date with the book - sounds a great idea.