Sunday, 3 July 2016

I thought I would add some happy home photos today!!  I love my little house and can't believe we've been here over three time flies.  I've also given my little art hut a makeover, so its feeling very spruced up....  its amazing what can be done in a small space! This week has been busy but I have managed to get some creative journalling and  weaving.   This is the beginnings of a new jacket (already been spoken for!) and I am using my new larger loom.  Today I have been spinning at the Smallholders Show here in Sussex - and, although I wasn't selling, there was a lot of interest in the woven jacket that I was wearing....maybe I should keep it on all the time and be a walking advertisement!


  1. Thanks for the peek into your world! It's a beautifully coloured one.
    Look at the colour in the weaving, I can't begin to imagine putting all those threads tougher - and look at the flower in there!

  2. Your little art hut looks a haven of tranquility and inspiration and your garden is very pretty. No wonder you produce such beautiful weavings.